10 Strange Things Real-Life Moms Have Had in Their Diaper Bags

Real-Life Moms
Rayes Creative via Getty

Every mother out there has those certain items that she would be lost without, and she's got them all stuffed into a diaper bag that is full to the bursting point. Frankly, it's a real Mary Poppins style scenario.

Some moms out there pack some pretty strange things in their diaper bags. Let’s take a look at some actual things real-life moms out there have stocked their diaper bag with! If you are feeling a little bit self conscious about a certain item you have in there, maybe you’ll find out you’re not the only one...

1.  On-the-Go Swatch Plan

index card

~Quoth a Mom from Baby Center

You know you are a Type A Planner if you're constantly thinking about your kid's room color story...

2. Hot Sauce

Some moms need to keep their food spicy. Here's hoping they never confuse the Sriracha with the baby bottle!

3. A Wig for Your Bald Infant

Shop Baby Bangs

Yes that's right, you can buy fake bangs for your infant. These hairbands come with an extra swath of hair if for some reason you are embarrassed by your child's baldness....

4. A Fake (?) Hammer and a Clown Nose

Cafe Mom

The only way this makes sense is if this mom is an actual clown!

5. The Snotsucker

Frida Baby
While the product itself is pretty standard, if the name doesn't get you to snicker then you have no soul.

6. Mystery Diapers

Vanessa O


You know you have a problem when you start stealing diapers from other mothers - especially when they don't even fit your baby! 

7. A Wrestler's Belt

Cafe Mom

This mom just might have accidentally revealed her secret career as a WWE champ.

8. A Piece of Poo

This has to be the worst case scenario, not just for all the moms out there, but literally any human being carrying a bag ever. 

9. The Most Disturbing Hand Puppet Ever


Hopefully this was for entertaining the kids. If you're using this to crack yourself up, well then you're just cracked.

10. MILD Cheddar Cheese


Apparently the poster was from somewhere outside the US. Okay, if you're going to briefly visit the US for cheese, shouldn't you walk away with American cheese

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