Would You Try This Incredible Body Sculpting Trend?

Body Sculpting Trend

Despite obvious aesthetic benefits and minimal negative results, invasive plastic surgery continues to be a polarizing subject for many. However, there are many different ways to transform your body for the better. In fact, Sculpting Goddess Spa has stormed onto the scene with some interesting solutions to body sculpting that do not involve any form of plastic surgery.

What Is “Body Sculpting” Exactly?

Body sculpting is a combination of internal body detoxing, vacuuming techniques, and sonic wave techniques that aim to produce an overall change in the shape of the body while expelling toxins and increasing the ability to lose weight. The goal is to cut fat and “sculpt” your body into a more aesthetically pleasing form.

According to the Goddesses (the professionals that run the facility), their techniques involve purely non-invasive treatments and techniques combined with 100% herbal detox remedies.

What Services Do They Have?

The Goddesses offer a wide range of services that include body sculpting with ultrasonic waves, buttocks enhancement using suction, skin tightening through infrared light, and cleansing and tightening wraps. They also provide many more traditional spa services. These will result in an overall more appealing look to your body. So, with a regimen of treatments and proper diet and exercise, you’re going to walk away with the beach body that you have always dreamed of!

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?


If you take a look at the Instagram the company runs, you can tell that the results pretty much speak for themselves. While the process itself may look a little bit goofy (there are lots of wires and suction cup...things involved) it appears to be successful. The site offers many before and after shots of women who walk in with sagging bellies and floppy butts but leave with tighter tummies and sculpted tushies.

Would You Try It?


If you live anywhere near Miami, FL you can try out the Sculpting Goddess treatment at their facility. In addition to the Goddesses, facilities that offer body sculpting appear to the be popping up all over the United States and beyond. This is one trend that appears to be gaining steam quickly. 

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