4 Ways to Help Others This Summer or on Your Time Off


Summer may seem like the season to goof off, enjoy outdoor concerts, kick back by the pool, and push all of your cares away. Unfortunately, for some, doing so is impossible. It is pretty easy to forget  that other people do not have the same comforts that you and I do. So, in the spirit of giving back during some of the hottest months of the year, check out these ways that you can help others who are in need. 

1. Lunches for Needy Children

It is pretty easy to ignore the fact that many kids rely on school for lunch. While some moms can pack lunches for their little ones, others are stuck sending their kids to school with nothing and hoping that the school lunch that day isn't gross freeze-dried fish sticks. 

In the summer, kids lose the school lunch option, which leaves them going hungry for three months straight. Charities like No Kid Hungry are fighting back and offering lunch options for kids during the summer break. Donations are currently being matched by the Arby's Foundation, so even more kids are getting fed thanks to you. 

2. Get Kids Moving with Fun Games

Summer is a great time to get kids out and about and having some fun. Since there is no school, they have all of the time in the world to have some fun with interesting and engrossing games. 

Summer Games Done Quick is a great resource for this. While registration for the actual gaming event is now closed, it is never too late to donate to a cause through the event. By signing up through the event's Paypal, which can be found on the site, you can send money to a charity of your choosing. 

3. Summer Camp with an Educational Edge

SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) provides kids with fun and educational activities in the guise of a summer camp. Summer is the perfect season to donate to this sort of charity since kids will have plenty of time to run around int he wild and soak up as much information as possible! 

4. Foster a Pet


Animal shelters are almost always overflowing with abandoned pets. In the summer especially, shelters can get hot and uncomfortable for our four-legged friends. You can find a local pet rescue, which often specialize in animal and/or breed, and help out these innocent creatures without long-term commitment. You can foster an animal for the summer, until the rescue can find a forever home for your little guy.

Follow these tips or start up a local charity of your own!

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