Every Leonardo Dicaprio Film Cast With Disney Princesses

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is practically already Prince Charming, but now Isaiah Stephens, an extremely talented and very imaginative artist has gone the extra mile and ensured each Disney princess gets her happily ever after with DiCaprio! 

Mulan + Leo = Love Forever (or, like, 3 days)

This doomed romance becomes even more tragic when you place China's fiercest warrior at the center of it. But what will Li Shang say?

We found Li Shang and Mulan in Romeo + Juliet on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Goodbye Islamic Golden Age, Hello Roaring '20s

Jasmine really is the ultimate rich girl, so it makes sense that she's the stand in for Daisy. In this version, true love might just win out! 

We found Aladdin and Jasmine in The Great Gatsby on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Pegasus Gets Replaced by Pan-Am

Hercules is a high flying pilot in his sixties upgrade. In case of an emergency, he's got Meg and the high-flying Muses by his side. 

We found Hercules, Megara, and the Muses in Catch Me if You Can on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

The Wolf of Bourbon Street

Naveen is pretty much a bad boy in the beginning, so 1920s to 1980s is a great update for him. Luckily Tiana is present to straighten him out (hopefully). 

We found Naveen and Tiana in The Wolf of Wall Street on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Pocahontas Experiences "The Colors of the Wind" 

Pocahontas and John Smith make a perfect Leo and Kate. There's no way these two will not be reenacting the famous "paint me like one of your french girls" scene is T minus 3... 2... 1...

We found John Smith and Pocahontas in Titanic on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Anna vs. Gang Violence

No post would be complete without including a little bit of Frozen. Elsa may not have made the cut for this one, but Kristoff is present to warm Anna up on the frigid streets of New York. 

We found Kristoff and Anna in Gangs of New York on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Tarzan + Bear = HEA?

It looks like Tarzan isn't going to be reunited with Jane anytime soon. At least he has this giant bear to keep him company. But whatever happened to the gorillas?

We found Tarzan in The Revenant on Cosmopolitan via Isaiah Stephens.

Here's hoping Mr. Stephens will tackle some more Disney characters in the future!

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