You're Probably Applying Your Bronzer Wrong, Here's the Right Way

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Is bronzer part of your daily beauty regimen? If it is, then you should probably make sure that you are applying it the correct way, right? It may be shocking, but a lot of girls apply this stuff the wrong way, and for some reason, NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING. If you are afraid that you’re applying it wrong (or you are just a paranoid person and want to double check) then let me tell you what you need to do to get your bronzer look perfected:

What You Are Doing Wrong

Typically, women will use bronzer as if it is a foundation. Unfortunately, this will end up creating an unnatural look. Bronzer is actually meant to be used as  highlighter, to target certain areas of the face that it will compliment.

Use Bronzer to Highlight

Instead of spreading it all over your face, you should apply it to areas that will be lit up in the sunlight. This will create, well, um, a bronzing effect (that should be pretty obvious, right?). Start by applying small amounts and gradually build up use from there. It’s like cooking: if you pour too much salt in right away then you’ve ruined your dinner. But, if you add it in slowly, you can stop when the perfect amount of saltiness is achieved. So, add bronzer, pause, check your work, and continue until you are satisfied with how everything has turned out.

Use a Good Brush

You also need to consider what type of brush you are using. You want to use a brush that will spread the product in the most beneficial way. By using a medium-size brush with short bristles, you can better control the distribution of product.

Let Your Face be Your Guide

A Beautiful Mess

Are you not sure where the sun will be hitting your face? Don’t worry. You can just follow the natural contours of your face to apply the bronzer. The cheekbones and the bridge of the nose are the most common areas for bronzer. This will create the look that you desire!

If you are still in doubt, check out this helpful video tutorial!

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