Top 5 Most Ridiculously Luxurious Vacation Destinations

Luxurious Vacation
Credit: Tom Merton Creative #: 116378669

You’re planning a vacation. Whether it’s summer or the dead of winter, whether you want to hang ten while surfing or hit the slopes and “Ride that fresh powder, man,” you need to find a vacation destination that’s worth your time.

Luckily for you, this handy list will show you the best places you can possibly go (if you have the cash to shell out, that is).

1. Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi


It’s pretty much a guarantee that anywhere you go in the United Arab Emirates is going to be luxurious as hell. So, it only makes sense that you should opt to go to the crown jewel of the hospitality industry in this Middle Eastern paradise. This place has pricey rooms, a ton of pools, a beach, spa, and even its own private marina. Come. On.

2. Mardan Palace Hotel


Europe is full of amazing places to stay, but hotel in Turkey takes the cake. Not only does it have the standard beautiful rooms, it has got 10 restaurants, 17 bars, a spa, an aquarium, and the largest (1,000 guest capacity) pool in the Mediterranean!

3. The Plaza Hotel


New York may be a city packed to the gills with amazing hotels to check out, but this one is a classic. Its old world charm appeals to tons of visitors, and it has got an incredibly famous suite that overlooks Manhattan. The 2 bedroom space (apartment, really) comes with a kitchen, spa, gym, and even has butler quarters.

4. Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort


If you want some old world style in Ireland, then you will definitely want to head here. Boasting beautiful spacious grounds, a golf course to die for, and beautiful rooms that make it a top wedding destination in the world, this manor house will have you weeping with joy at getting the chance to stay there.

5. Imanta


This Mexican resort has beautiful beaches and crystalline waters surrounding it that you can view straight from the rooms. With incredible views and spa facilities that people travel far and wide to experience, you simply cannot miss out on this relaxing experience.

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