Hilarious Quotes About Parenting a Teen Daughter

Quotes About Parenting
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Uh-oh. At some point, your little girl managed to turn 13. She is officially a teenager now and things are only going to get worse from here. There isn't much you can do but ride the wave of terror and try to make it to the other side (aka her 18th birthday). For now, you will have to be content with the solidarity that these funny quotes about raising a child of the fairer sex can provide.

Check 'em out below:

1. Her Fairy Princess Room is About to be Sleep-Cursed


Your little princess is about to get a visit from the Sandman. The visit should last about 5 years. 

2. The Attitude Will Hit You Like a Freight Train


Just sit back and try to get as much relaxation out of that tea as possible, sir. 

3. The Universe Will Even Itself Out Eventually...


It's okay though. It's all part of the natural mommy cycle. 

4. The P Word


The Time of the Month That Must Not Be Named. Times two.

5. Arguments About Clothes

LOL So True

This is probably the first ever argument in favor of skinny jeans that a parent would ever possibly support. 

6. Parents Forcing Public Appearances is a Sign of Warfare


Don't worry, if you just promise to buy her something, she will warm up to you really quick

7. She Has a Couple of Things in Common With You Know Who

LOL So True

All Voldemort wanted to do was return to Hogwarts to throw his Sweet 16 party...

8. The Fear She Will Never Move Out (Whether It's For Marriage or College)

Are you Marge in this situation? How much sarcasm is too much sarcasm? Or are you one of those people who thinks it is the lowest form of humor?

9. You Decided to Have TWO?

If you thought it was difficult getting through the teenage years with one kid, try two. Or three. No matter the number, it will feel like you have sixteen kids. 

10. Tweet the Battle

This tweet pretty much sums up everything that you could ever want to know about dealing with teenagers. Unless you are posting baby pictures in an effort to embarrass them, then Twitter will be useless to you. 

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