Drinking More Might Actually SAVE Your Marriage. What?!?!


The couple that drinks together stays together? It may not seem like the most romantic activity, but it might be one of the most fun and it looks like it plays a pretty big part in what makes a relationship work. But why? Science has taken this question to task and proven that couples who drink together are more likely to stay together.

Partners That Drink Together Socially Are Happier

For some reason, scientists decided to research the drinking habits of happy couples. While it may seem like couples drink to escape spending time with each other, the opposite actually ended up being true.

Drinking Together Is Actually a Good Thing

The results were surprising: couples that drank together reported more instances of happy moments and fewer negative ones, such as excessive criticism and empty promises.

Drinking Is a Symptom NOT the Reason These Couples Are Happy

It looks like couples that enjoy spending time together, whether it’s drinking, or just about any other social activity, are more happy overall. So really the drinking is just something they happen to be doing, not the actual reason they enjoy each other’s company. 

Drinking Can Also Be a Sign Something is Wrong

The same study suggest that couples where only one partner drinks are less happy. Whether escaping problems they think the other caused or getting angry and violent due to the drinking (domestic violence should ALWAYS be a big no-no), one-sided drinking either results from or leads to more negatives in the relationship.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Nights Out

So what is the takeaway from this insightful study? Drinking can be fun! Couples who drink are probably having fun with each other in a variety of ways (get your mind out of the gutter) and will continue to do so whatever they are doing in each other’s presence (again, mind out of the gutter). If you are spending a lot of time at bars and clubs with your hubby or you soon to be hubby (or just a casual fling) it’s probably a sign that your relationship is in a pretty good place and it’s not a sign to worry about what’s coming down the line. So have fun, party it up!

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