14 Life-Altering Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Beauty Hacks

Sure, you've been playing the makeup game for quite some time now and consider yourself to be pretty competent. But that doesn't mean that from time to time you don't feel like you could learn a few more tricks of the trade. If you follow these simple steps, you can up your beauty game and gain even more confidence in the beauty realm.

1. Perfume These Areas


By perfuming in these choice spots on your body, you will create a long lasting scent. No more sneaking a whiff of your pits in the afternoon - you'll always smell great! 

2. Don't Be Afraid to Accentuate Your Eyes


If you really want to make your eyes pop, adding some white or light colored eyeliner to your routine will achieve the effect you are looking for. It's great to hide the fact that you're tired, too. It's pretty annoying getting asked that, right?

3. Moisturizer and Bronzer = Lighter Shades


We’ve all been there: oops, you bought a bronzer that’s a couple of shades too dark. When you’re trying out a new product, it’s a mistake that’s easy to make. Adding moisturizer will lighten the shade and better match your skin tone.

4. Error Proof Your Manicure with Vaseline


In order to ensure that you aren’t getting too messy when applying your nail polish,simply add some Vaseline to the edges of your nails. That way, the stray polish won’t actually end up on your skin and you won’t be left with a messy look.

5. Spoons Make Great Eyeliner Guides

Instead of trying to keep your hands steady as if you’re a heart surgeon when applying makeup, use a spoon to create a great effect next time you put on some eyeliner. These utensils are the perfect shape for the job!

6. Gel Deodorant Will Stop Blisters


If you want to go out on the town in your favorite pair of heels, but you’re worried about the pain and blisters that could result, simply apply some clear gel deodorant first. This will stop blisters from forming in those areas.

7. French Tips with a Rubber Band

Paper Raindrops

Instead of trying to apply nail polish in a straight line (impossible, right?) you can simply place a rubber band around the bottom part of your nail. This will keep things look extra neat!

8. Save Your Lipstick with Fire


If your lipstick has gone and failed you (by breaking) you can resurrect it by heating up the broken ends, reconnected them, holding them in place, and once stable, placing the tube in the fridge for an hour.

9. Make Your Own Gel Liner


If you want a gel eyeliner look but all you have is a traditional pencil liner, you can simply heat up the tip of the pencil, give it 15 seconds, and then apply it. This will create a much more flattering look.

10. Pucker Your Lips with Mint Oil


You want to make your lips look really plump This is super easy to pull off! Simply add a drop of peppermint oil to your favorite shade of lip gloss.

11. Band-Aid Nail Art


If you want some interesting patterns on your nails, apply a bottom coat, poke some holes (or any design you want) in a band-aid, stick it to the nail, and paint over the top.

12. Use Glue as a Base Coat


By applying a layer of glue before you start painting your nails, you will make it mu easier on yourself when it is time to change your nail art. The colors will simply peels right off!

13. Banish Bruises with Mouthwash


If you want to get rid of some painful injuries that you know are going to blossom into the purplest of bruises, simply apply some mouthwash ASAP.

14. Mascara + Hair = 10 Years Younger

If you want to make those pesky gray hairs vanish, then simply apply some mascara to them. It’s a quick and dirty fix; you can rip out the follicles and trash the evidence later.
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