10 Things Your Teen Does That You'll Never Understand

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Whether you are currently experiencing this transformative time period or it is squarely in the past, you will definitely appreciate these mysterious things, courtesy of your teen, that confuse the heck out of you:

1. Snapchat

Your kid is spending all of their time on the phone. However, no texts are being sent. No voices can be heard coming from the other end of the line. You’re at a loss for what is going on. You keep hearing this verb “Snapchatting” coming out of your teen’s mouth. It mind as well be Russian. You fondly recall the days when Merriam-Webster was responsible for creating new words…

2. Using Up All of the Phone Data

You are sick and tired of having to continuously upgrade your phone plan. Your teen is sucking up all of the data like a technological vampire and you can’t seem to slow them down. This is going to require a 367th sit down about the importance of always connecting to WiFi.

3. Facetime

What exactly is the difference between this app and Skype? You ask your teen and they laugh in your face. It’s actually quite alarming. Are you THAT behind on the times? Do you even want to know the answer to that question? Probably not.

4. Sleeping in Forever

You set three alarms for your teen, buy a rooster for a sunrise surprise, and pour ice cold water on the bed. Nothing seems to work. Like clockwork, your teen is always going to rise at the crack of noon — if you’re lucky.

5. Eating Everything in the Kitchen

It doesn’t matter that you went to the grocery store yesterday. There is some sort of rule that says your teen is going to hoover up all of the food in the house within 20 minutes of you putting it away. Now if only you could get them to apply these skills to cleaning their room…

6. Memes

What are all of these pictures with words on them? You do not understand why opening a video that jokingly takes you to a Rick Astley music video is hilarious.

7. Ambiguous Relationship Statuses

You stopped trying to meet your teen’s new romantic partner after candidate number 14. You know that a hookup on Friday means a breakup on Sunday.

8. Atrocious Laundry Habits

You come into your teen’s room to find six piles of laundry on the floor. Of course, you aren't allowed to touch them. After all some of these are clean. You know this because your teen was doing laundry at around 2 AM last night.

9. Slang

Half of the time, you cannot understand the language coming out of your teen’s mouth. Since you didn’t pay for any Spanish lessons, it must be some new slang. Communication is hard enough without having to learn what exactly “bae” means.

10. Refusing to Answer the Phone

Sometime in the last five years, the concept of actually using a phone to make call became a completely foreign concept. Now you have to text some emojis at your teen if you want a response.

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