The Most Crazy Gorgeous Art Deco Buildings On Earth

The Most Crazy Gorgeous Art Deco Buildings On Earth

Among modern buildings of glass and steel, there's a a particular architectural style that stands out. Art Deco rose to prominence back in the 1920s and you can still see some pretty beautiful examples of it today. 

Inspired by bold geometric patterns and using available metals of the time, the style was an update of classic architecture. Here are some of the most beautiful examples that you can find around the world. Once you've seen them online, you'll have a hankering to pack your bags and visit them IRL.

Chrysler Building, New York

The Chrysler Building has to be the definitive work of Art Deco style architecture. It has become a standout in the New York City skyline and people visit it to see the beautiful view of the city. 

Folies Bergère, Paris

This music hall is one of the earliest examples of Art Deco, since it was built in the 1800s. 

Eastern Columbia Building, Los Angeles

This blue-ish building is imposing and stands out amongst the typically gray-colored buildings in LA. If you're lucky (and rich) enough you can live in one of the building's condos.

Guardian Building, Detroit

Working in a cubicle here must not seem so bad. The office building is packed floor to ceiling with bold tiled designs.

Colony Hotel, Miami

This hotel manages to stand out among a whole district of seaside Miami art deco buildings. The bright blue neon sure doesn't hurt. 

Union Terminal, Cincinnati

You might find yourself wishing you could ride the rails through Ohio just so you can check out this building in person. The railroad station is a top tourist destination. 

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

You can check out some stars (the kind in space) during your visit, or you can just stare at the beautiful fresco paintings of angels on the ceilings. Your choice. 

Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln

It sure must be hard to get any laws passed in this state capitol buildings, when you could spend all of your day just staring at the beautiful tiled ceilings. 

LeVeque Tower, Columbus

This Ohio building is a popular tourist spot, and for good reason. It happens to be one of the tallest buildings in the world!

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