One Of These Simple But Effective Sex Positions Is Sure To Get Her Off

One Of These Simple But Effective Sex Positions Is Sure To Get Her Off

Guys, we need to talk. Have you been feeling lately like you need to take some yoga classes to find new and erotic positions in bed? Well we're here so you don't get to stressed about it. After all, folding yourself into a pretzel for her pleasure may look impressive, but getting a cramp or blowing out your knee while boning isn't sexy. 

Results of a survey from Men's Health, along with various sex experts, have revealed that women find a few certain positions best for getting off.

It turns out that sex isn’t complicated (shocker). There are 3 main positions (along with variations) that you should master. The key, as always, is being comfortable and being communicative and what each other need. With all this you're well on your way to getting her off, all without buying a copy of the Kama Sutra

1. Facing Each Other

It may seem way too cliche to be any good, but the missionary position was synonymous with sex for years because it was so effective. Why? Well first, the clitoris is being stimulated since there is so much front-to-front grinding going on. And that's just one reason it's great.

You also get the benefit of added intimacy. By facing one another, you can lock eyes and connect in a way that other sex positions don't allow. 

Not enough of a sales pitch to go with this classic move? Okay, okay—it allows her to just lie back and enjoy. There's no athletic bouncing or squatting involved, so she can focus solely on getting herself there without cramping up.

If you don't want to come off too boring, you can try some variations of missionary that still feature heavy intimacy and frontal contact including the scoop and the face-off

2. Coming In From Behind

Doggy style may sound a little crass, but who cares if it's going to lead to mind-blowing orgasms? Doggy style has come to be known as one of those positions that's just for the guys, but that's really not accurate. 

From this position, deep penetration that is pretty much guaranteed. That means hitting the g-spot is definitely on the menu. You'll be getting plenty of satisfaction, while she's also getting off on it.

In addition to that, it gives her enough room to stimulate her clitoris in whatever way she prefers. This gives her much more control over her own orgasms. Basically, she can do whatever she prefers in the front, while you're providing a ton of stimulation from the back.

Variations of doggy include: leap frog and atomic dog

3. Her On Top

Giving up the power can be sexy for both of you. After all, there's nothing more sexy than trust and safety, right?

The traditional version of this, cowgirl, allows her to keep things going at her pace. With her controlling the speed and angle, obviously she'll focus on getting maximum pleasure.

Much like doggy, she is able to stimulate her clitoris manually, which means even more control. Alternatively, you can allow her to focus on the penetration and take over clitoris stimulation for her.

Variations of cowgirl include reverse cowgirl and cowgirl's helper.

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