9 Amazing Booze Related Gifts For Drinking Lovers

9 Amazing Booze Related Gifts For Drinking Lovers

As craft breweries and distilleries continue to pop up all over the nation, it's becoming increasingly obvious (if it wasn't already) that the population loves beer, wine, and liquor. Do you have someone in your life who loves to drink? If doing a cross-country pub crawl or starting a home-brew empire is on this person's bucket list, then you'll be safe getting them anything off this list. 

1. Tito's Copper Flask, $25

Tito's Copper Flask, $25

If you know someone who lost a flask recently then this will make a great replacement. The not-so-subtle reminder to drink more vodka is an added benefit.

2. Wooden Six Pack holder, $39.95

Wooden Six Pack holder, $39.95

This is probably the classiest BYOB party hack there has ever been. If you have a friend who always brings the best beer but doesn't have anything to put it in, then you've got their upcoming birthday covered

3. Beer of the Month Club, $42.99

Beer of the Month Club, $42.99

With so many beer options out there, it's impossible to try them all. Gifting someone with a subscription like this allows them to try something that they normally wouldn't know about or have access to. 

4. Chillable Glacier Beer Tasting Flight, $56

Chillable Glacier Beer Tasting Flight, $56

Those beers that come in the Beer of the Month box will need to be tasted. There's no better way to do it than with a beer flight that you can stick in the freezer beforehand. 

5. Vinebox Subscription, $25

Vinebox Subscription, $25

Not everyone loves beer and that's a-ok. With a wine box subscription, you can continue giving the gift of amazing reds, whites, and everything in betweens. 

6. UKeg, $139

UKeg, $139

Growlers are a must-have for any beer lover. This version is definitely one of the best you can get. It's got a temperature gauge!

7. State Specific Beer Cap Map

State Specific Beer Cap Map

Got a collector on your hands? hit every brewery in your state with one of these maps. Once it's filled up, you branch out to other states. 

8. Cocktail Kit, $100

Cocktail Kit, $100

If you have someone in your life who's adventurous, then a monthly cocktail kit might be the way to go. Just when you get tired of one cocktail, you get a brand new one in the mail.

9. Bottle Loft, $38

Bottle Loft, $38

All beer lovers have this dilemma: where do I put my food to keep it cold...? After all the fridge is full. It's a tough organization problem, and you can make it easier for them by clearing up shelf space in the fridge. 

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